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With more than a Decade of Experience, In regulatory Affairs, I Sharan Murugan work as a Regulatory Affairs Project Manager with a specialization in Regulatory Intelligence, Labeling, Regulatory Strategy, and CMC renewals, I bring extensive knowledge and expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

With a proven track record of successfully managing complex regulatory projects and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, I am committed to delivering results that align with business goals and regulatory standards.

My experience includes developing and implementing regulatory strategies for global markets, preparing regulatory submissions, and managing product registrations and renewals. I am a core subject matter expert in Regulatory Intelligence, keeping abreast of changes to regulations, guidelines, and industry trends, and communicating the implications of these changes to stakeholders.

With excellent communication, leadership, and project management skills, I am able to effectively lead cross-functional teams, foster strong relationships with regulatory agencies, and provide strategic guidance to senior management.

As a dedicated and driven professional, I am committed to continuous learning and professional development, and I am passionate about contributing to the success of organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


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